Start of entries: Monday October 9th 2017
End of entries: November 9th 2017
Jury deliberation: from November 10th until November 17th 2017
Winner announcement: Monday November 20th 2017
Open to everybody: students, independent designers and Design studios


AKKA ASP number 87 sponsored by BERTONE


2 tickets for Blancpain GT series endurance cup first race of 2018 season in Italy (Monza) usually hold end of April (21/22nd, to be confirmed) to support the car 87 sponsored by BERTONE (value 1 400€)
+ a collaboration with BERTONE for the promotion of the design in media

There will be 2 winners, one in Exterior design category and a second one in Interior design.


Maurice RICCI – Chairman of the Group AKKA Technologies
Jean-Franck RICCI – Group Managing Director AKKA Technologies
Luciano D’AMBROSIO – Design Director BERTONE
Bastien MASSÉ – Sales Director BERTONE


BERTONE is a legendary Italian Design bureau founded in 1912 by Giovanni BERTONE in Turin region. The company is the most successful coachbuilder and design studio with creations that remain in the history of automotive such as the Lamborhini Miura, the Lamborghini Countach or the Lancia Stratos 0. The most famous automotive designers worked in BERTONE; among others Giorgetto Guigiaro and Marcello Gandini were very successful in their activities on behalf of BERTONE.

BERTONE is back and has been acquired by AKKA Technologies, a 15 000 engineers group. The competencies of AKKA in the mobility engineering and in the Digital technologies are fully complementary with the BERTONE offer in Design. BERTONE is now working on the new generation of automotive technologies and is going to release in a major motor-show his last concept.

The vehicle is a tribute to BERTONE great history and especially to the year 1966 considered as one of the best for automotive Design. The goal of the contest is to design a sport vehicle as a modern interpretation of a BERTONE famous model of 1966 without any nostalgic copy. The concept should be equipped with AKKA Technologies know-how for autonomous driving but switchable into “pour le plaisir” manual mode to enjoy the best part of the road. The concept should be the result of a unique interior and exterior development based upon a new platform study, run by conventional and electric powertrain, resulting in a realistic model. The mechanical architecture of the powertrain is a 5 cylinder transversal at the rear highly turbocharged (700 hp) and 2 electric motors on the front wheels (200 hp each) for occasional extra power required.

Pleasure first: The vehicle should be entirely designed to allow enjoying the road on demand. Today roads are more and more boring increasing the safety and reducing the driving sensations. We believe that a compromise can be found. The vehicle developed by BERTONE has a high level of automation for the driver to focus on the most important during boring trips such as in the city center or on highway. But the vehicle also has a pleasure mode in which the driver takes the control of the car and enjoys beautiful landscapes and roads focusing only on the driving experience.

The design should reflect the technical feasibility of the vehicle (with respect to legislation, possibility to produce the concept with today technology…).


Your task is to design both Exterior and Interior of the BERTONE tribute to 1966 vehicle respecting the previous brief.
The logo BERTONE should be presented at least in one exterior and one interior design.

Your work should be sent in images format lower than 15Mo, there is no limitation in the number of views produced, the resolution is free but the quality should be enough to display on a large screen for the jury to deliberate.


The entries will be judged with the following criterion:

  • Respect of BERTONE history, style and advanced thinking
  • Feasibility of the design
  • Non nostalgic design
  • Respect of the duality between autonomy and pleasure
  • Emotion aroused by the design


The beauty of the road

The beauty of the road

Aggressive but elegant

Aggressive but elegant

Feeling of freedom

Feeling of freedom

On board technology

On board technology

Tribute to 1966

Tribute to 1966

When driving is a pleasure

When driving is a pleasure






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